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My friend, Jon

I have a great friend I’d like you to meet: Jon Tester, a third-generation family farmer who represents Montana in the Senate.

When I ran for the Senate in 2008, Jon was one of my biggest and earliest supporters. His help was critical to my victory.

Jon is a rare lawmaker, a legislator true to my own heart: he gets the needs of middle-class and rural Americans. He’s up for re-election and Karl Rove and his special interest pals have already spent $2 million on TV ads smearing Jon.

Special interests have made Jon’s race a priority, because they know we can’t fix the Senate and get our nation back on track without him.

Can you pitch in $21 to keep this Montana farmer fighting for us in the Senate?

Jon has worked on the family farm his entire life, so he knows how important it is to protect our nation’s outdoor heritage. He supports ending subsidies for Big Oil, protecting clean air initiatives, and investing in renewable energy. He’s also a leader in the fight to preserve our public lands.

His opponent, Tea Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg, is the polar opposite. Rehberg irresponsibly sides with Big Oil and polluters over everyday Americans, supporting efforts to open more public lands to drilling and development, and voting against critical environmental protections.

We can’t afford to lose a fighter like Jon Tester in the Senate. Would you please pitch in $21 to help him pull out a victory over his Big Oil-backed opponent?

As you know, Citizens United has transformed this election year. SuperPACs and special interests can now collect millions of dollars from secret donors, and spend unlimited amounts to get their allies elected.

It’s no surprise that they’ve made defeating Jon Tester a priority – because he works for the middle class, not billionaires and powerful special interests.

I hope you’ll join me in my support of Jon’s campaign and pitch in $21 today.

Thank you for staying involved this year, and thank you for your support of my friend, Jon Tester.


Senator Jeff Merkley

Posted on June 14, 2012.
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