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She's her own SuperPAC

In Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon is on pace to spend over $50 million trying to buy a U.S. Senate seat. It’s like she has her own personal SuperPAC!

Having made hundreds of millions promoting pro wrestling, McMahon would be a Senator for the top 1% - the ultra-wealthy like her. No surprise - she opposes holding Wall Street accountable and ending the risky practices that nearly destroyed our economy. And she would extend the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, a tax break personally worth $7 million per year to her!

Here’s the good news: Her opponent is Chris Murphy, a Proven Progressive – exactly what we need in the Senate.

McMahon has already poured an estimated $16 million of her own money into this race. To help Chris fight back, please chip in $16 to his campaign today.

Chris Murphy supports restoring fairness to the tax code, and ensuring the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. He has been a constant, tireless voice for overturning Citizens United. And his bill to rein in predatory mortgage brokers was a critical part of the Wall Street reforms we passed two years ago.

We don’t need another rubber stamp Senator for Wall Street and the 1%. We need a Proven Progressive. Please donate $16 to Chris Murphy right now.

Chris is running a campaign that is truly people-powered – with nearly 25,000 individual contributions. He’s exactly the sort of Proven Progressive that we need in the Senate – and will be a great partner in the fight to fix our democracy and rebuild our economy with fairness.

Please support Chris today with a $16 donation.

-Jeff Merkley

Posted on September 13, 2012.
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