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More than $20 Million


Ohio’s Sherrod Brown is one of the best Proven Progressives in the Senate. Day in, day out, he’s standing up for working people and middle-class families.

But his opponent, Josh Mandel, has a powerful ally on his side: Big SuperPACs, which, as of today, have spent more than $20 million against Sherrod.

It’s no wonder the special interests have Mandel’s back, because he has theirs.

That’s why, today, I’m helping Sherrod launch a moneybomb to fight the endless flow of SuperPAC and corporate cash. Please chip in $35 right now and let’s get this moneybomb started.

Look at how Mandel has stood up for predatory payday lenders instead of people. In Oregon, we once had more payday lenders than McDonald’s and Starbucks combined. But when I was Speaker, we sent them packing.

By contrast, in Ohio’s state legislature, Mandel voted to let payday lenders continue charging a predatory, 391% interest rate. And how did they reward him? With hundreds of thousands in contributions – including $67,000 that Mandel picked up on a fundraising trip to the Bahamas.

It’s crucial we support Proven Progressive Sherrod Brown - we don’t need another Senator who’s standing up for the rich, powerful, and predatory.

Donate $35 to Sherrod’s moneybomb right now, and help him fight back against the SuperPACs.

Thank you,

Senator Jeff Merkley

Posted on October 9, 2012.
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