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The People-Powered Challenge

In 2006, Oregonians returned the Democrats to control of the Oregon House after 14 long years in the minority. As Speaker of the House, I was proud to push through an aggressive, progressive agenda of long-awaited reforms.

Now, the Oregon House hangs in the balance - a 30-30 tie. Will Democrats take control in 2012? Or will we allow the Republicans to turn back the clock?

And in the Oregon Senate, Democratic control hangs by the narrowest of margins (16-14). This is a margin we must preserve - or better yet, expand.

The balance of the Oregon Legislature is in our hands, and we must work together to make a final push. To help with that push, I'm announcing the People-Powered Challenge.

Below, you'll find short bios for 10 candidates for the Oregon House and Senate. Please consider supporting one, two, three or more with a small donation.

And to whichever candidate gets the most support (in number of donors, not dollars) before Sunday at midnight, I'll be proud to donate $3,000 from the Opportunity and Renewal PAC. Second place will earn $2,000 and third $1,000. It's all up to you. Tell me - which candidates have the most people-powered support?

Carl Hosticka - HD 37

Metro Councilor Hosticka is running for the Oregon House to reinvest in our schools, rebuild infrastructure and position Oregon's economy to compete and succeed. He's taking on Rep. Julie Parrish. Donate now!

Shemia Fagan
- HD 51

A mom, attorney, and David Douglas School Board member, Shemia will fight for Oregon kids and small businesses. She's challenging Rep. Patrick Sheehan. Donate now!

Brent Barton
- HD 40

A former state legislator making a comeback, Brent is a third-generation Oregonian who has championed protections for children, seniors, and veterans, including legislation helping consumers hold banks accountable.Donate now!

Jessica Vega Pederson
- HD 47

As a mother, a business professional and a progressive Democrat, Jessica believes we must get our economy back on track to improve public education for our children. She's running to serve the East Portland district previously represented by Senator Merkley. Donate now!

Ben Unger
- HD 29

A Cornelius native, Ben has worked as an advocate for affordable higher education, voter registration, and taking on big banks and payday lenders to stop outrageous fees and interest rates. He is challenging Rep. Katie Eyre. Donate now!

Joe Gallegos - HD 30

Joe is a longtime Washington County teacher and Latino community leader who will prioritize quality public education and local jobs. He'll fight for all our families, not the special interests. He is taking on Rep. Shawn Lindsay. Donate now!

Chris Gorsek - HD 49

Chris is a teacher, a dad, and a former police officer who believes Oregon must invest in better schools and affordable college opportunities for our children, do a better job protecting our communities, and get our economy moving again. He is challenging Rep. Matt Wand. Donate now!

Mark Hass - SD 14

A leader in education policy, Senator Hass authored Oregon's full-day kindergarten bills and created year-round education pilot programs. He also is leading the way to make Oregon's tax structure less volatile and more stable. Donate now!

Geri Hauser - SD 27

Geri believes strongly in protecting the middle class, preserving women's rights, and offering good, affordable education to everyone, and working to rein in runaway health care costs. She is taking on Tim Knopp. Donate now!

Laurie Monnes Anderson - SD 25

A registered nurse, Senator Monnes Anderson has earned a reputation as a local leader for East County residents, fighting for better East County schools, taking the lead on the bipartisan health care transformation effort, and helping small businesses grow and create jobs. Donate now!


Jeff Merkley

NOTE: Because of the involvement of a federal candidate or officeholder, funds solicited must comply with federal law. We are asking for donations of up to $2,500 per election from any individual. We are not asking for, and will not accept, contributions in excess of this limit or from corporations, labor organizations, or other federally prohibited sources.

Posted on October 10, 2012.
Paid for by the Opportunity and Renewal PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.