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Meet the Filibuster Reformers

After President Obama wins re-election next week (keep up the hard work!), the U.S. Senate will still be an obstacle to his efforts to meet our big challenges for one simple reason: the routine abuse of the filibuster.

Too often, good ideas die in the Senate – even when they have majority support – because a single Senator can tie up the process and prevent an up-or-down vote.  Not by mounting an impassioned lengthy floor speech, but by making one quick call and then heading out to dinner.

If Senators want to filibuster, they should be required to stand on the floor and make their case to the American people with a real, talking filibuster!

Here's the good news: Our campaign to reform the filibuster is picking up momentum.  These nine candidates running for the Senate right now have committed to helping me fix the broken Senate by reforming the filibuster.

There's less than a week to go. Let's make sure these Filibuster Reformers make it to the U.S. Senate.

Support these nine candidates who are
committed to reforming the filibuster!

Tammy Baldwin

Rich Carmona

Martin Heinrich
New Mexico

Heidi Heitkamp
North Dakota

Mazie Hirono

Tim Kaine

Bob Kerrey

Chris Murphy

Elizabeth Warren

Please join me – make a contribution to some or all of these nine reformers who will work with me to fix the filibuster.

We're almost there!

Senator Jeff Merkley

Posted on October 31, 2012.
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